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We are back on social media!

Hello everyone!


We have a huge announcement! We are back on Twitter and Facebook ????



We will be active the most on Twitter, it will help us announce our future updates, but will also help you players in case of any problem. There will also be surveys on different subjects to know your opinions, and of course to crack some funny jokes :p


On Facebook: ARKALYS


On this page, we will be posting about future updates, and will also be answering the questions in the comment section! Don’t forget to like and share the page to support your favorite server ????


We will be also very active on discord as always to answer any of your questions, and of course keep your updated on any changes on Arkalys. Our staff is always available on Discord, so feel free to send a private message to a staff member in case of any problem. (An article will be posted soon so you know who to contact in certain situations).


Arkalys Staff


P.S: You can find on our pages an official code for a discount, to use on the website ! Enjoy !


Commentaires (3)
Sa1vat 18 March 2020 à 14h35
Wonderful, they could put the rules of the game on the page, i just don't know and you practically need to deduce them... Att: Meni in the B4n
Sa1vat 18 March 2020 à 14h37
I already found them xddddddddddddddddd Att: Meni at the B4n
Jacky 19 March 2020 à 10h39
le steamer bug, les sorts speciaux des tourelles ne fonctionnent pas et la harponeuse tape seulement EAU