Hello everybody!

For this new chapter of “What's new on Arkalys” we've prepared you some heavy stuff, so hold you tight, buckle up your belts and enjoy your reading!

We told you, teased, we even give you some survey about it and here is the long awaited ...

What's new on Arkalys? Edition of 19/06/2019


Some little pictures, how about that?


  • On the left : the cell with your omega relic ;
  • In the center : the cell with the famous relic fragments, those that will allow you to “exo” your relic ;
  • On the left : the cell where you'll see the new bonus effect on your relic depending of the numbers of fragments add.

P.S : to open this window above, you'll only need to double-click on your relic in your inventory (in the quest items).


Type Max
PA 1
PM 1
Invocation 1
PO 1
puissance 65
vitalité 150
initiative 500
% critique 5
intelligence 50
chance 50
force 50
agilité 50
sagesse 60
% res intel 5
% res chance 5
% res force 5
% res agi 5
% res neutre 5
res fix neutre 6
res fix terre 6
res fix feu 6
res fix eau 6
res fix air 6
% do distance 3
% do mêlé 3
res crit 10
do crit 10
res do pou 30
do pou 30
ret PA 10
ret PM 10
esquive PA 25
esquive PM 25


As you know, every good thing have a end (ok, we tell a end but I've need a stylish sentence).

So there is the maximum effect that you can stack by effect type.

This being viable, diversified and easily accessible for all. After various studies and a multitude of test in intern, it seemed good to us to retain this table which will be effective in game of course.

A player who's omega 500 will have a total of 2,500 Omega points. However, the total cost of all the stats obtainable with the points will be 2,760 Omega points.

You can get the same relic as before. However additional lines of stats have been added so you can create your own style! So you can choose one stats line instead of another one.

No worries though, this is just a very thin costumization and it'll not force you to make any hard choices. This allows just a lot more freedon without necessarily dig to a big difference of power.

“Damn, I'm wrong, could I go back?”

---> Of course yes! You'll have the opportunity to restat your relic affects with the famous Omega NPC.

“But, will it be free? Or will need to pay for the restat?”

---> Well no, to avoid any abuse by some people, we have set a price for the restat of your relics. This one being fixed according to the Omega level you have. The prices of the restat will be visible in game.

Of course, these effects and the charts may be evolutionary. We do not forget that the best testers are the people directly affected by these changes, namely you.

It'll be ailavable on our Discord server (accessible here) a specific channel where you can tell us all your info and possible bugs about this major rework of gameplay on our server.

You'll note that you'll get 5 Omega points by omega levels.


The flakes on the right as “currency” corresponf to your “Omega points” accumulated throughout your adventure on the server to exp (more info on these points by clicking here).

The NPC is available on the map “.start” more commonly known as “Astrub's Zaap”.


As we didn't want to leave you hungry, here are some other changes you'll find in game.

  • When you arrive on the “.tp pvp” map, players with an aligment will have their wings automatically activated;
  • The use of costumes requirong a certain aligment will only be possible  to wear if the player has his wings activated;
  • Aggressions between players are now impossible on the shop maps.


We do not hide that we are quite proud of this major advance in the global balancing of the server, without handicapping any slice of level.

Not to mention, we really want these additions to help different types of PVP (1v1 like kolizeum 3v3) to develop as much as possible and to be boosted.

We'll also hope that this update will make you happy, that you'll also understand our desire to satisfy you as best we can.

In addition, we anted to thank you again for your activity on the server, your motivation and your loyalty.

We can't wait to introduce all of this directly to you.

For any question, don't hesitate to leave a comment below in the space dedicated to them. We'll do our best to answer them as best as possible.

PS : We are aware that there still some bugs in PVM. Know that we'll focus following this update all our efforts to the final resolution of these.

Thanks again to our bevolved Lancivel who has invested a lot in this huge evolution of your precious relic.

Hoping that this artice will have conviced you, we wish you a pleasent moment on our platforms.


Commentaires (9)
mikael 20 June 2019 à 03h01
Eu estou indignado, farmei e antes de reiniciar o server estava com 45mk, voltei e estou com 23mk ! Absurdo, tempo farmado perdido!!!
cheikh 20 June 2019 à 12h17
c'est le meilleur serveur prive du monde GG
Clément 20 June 2019 à 12h33
Par contre ça pourrait être judicieux de le mettre pas que a astrub parce que avec le monde qu'il y a ça bug facilement
kenix 20 June 2019 à 19h42
Alex 21 June 2019 à 13h01
Hello, Les statistiques agi/intel/force/chance sont bridés à 50 max? Avec l'ancien système des niveaux oméga on montait à 60 max, je me trompe?
Sya 22 June 2019 à 14h21
@cheikh Merci :) @Clément Nous allons voir pour le placer au zaap Koalak aussi :). @kenix :D @Alex Nous avons bridé certaines caractéristiques dans l'intérêt de l'équilibrage.
Steven 22 June 2019 à 18h37
Bajaron la obtención de kk en las mazmorras, de eso no hablan
donovan 26 June 2019 à 23h14
j'aurais une question, je joue la classe "eliotrope" et cette classe bug encore au niveaux des portail surtout si vous pourriez perdre quelque instant sur se probléme se serais magnifique. merci d'avance
Sya 27 June 2019 à 00h18
@donovan Peux-tu remonter les bugs que tu as retenu sur Discord ou bien au support ? Merci d'avance :)