Following the previous survey, as well as the last "What's new on Arkalys" of 19/05/2019, here is now in game, one of the biggest change on Arkalys.

Good reading to all.



But what does that mean ?

All of your little blue balls present in game are totally destroyed, lost in the depth of the world of the Twelves ! Yes, but we are sure they'll not be missed with what is following.

But where to want to go with that ?

Once all the orbs in game disappeared, they'll be completely replaced in your inventories by its equivalence in kamas.

As a reminder : if you had 1000 orbs in game on your character, you'll receive instead 1 000 000 of Kamas (that's a lot of zero, don't you think ?) on the character, that you have them in your inventory, in bank or in a possible chest triple turn locked (yes, the magic of development can pass through the strongest lock of a chest)


To you the glory, fortune, mountains and wonders because of these small golden pieces (which will not be made of chocolate this time) which the most famous Amakna's Enutrofs love so much. To you the Kamas, Kamas and more Kamas !

The ecomony of Arkalys will see itself evolve positively and leap forward ! Rediscover the Auction Houses, the merchant modes as well as the fierce negoation between players. Put on your best suit and to you the glory !


  •        When you'll finish a fight, the number of Kamas earned will be exactly the same as the value of the orbs you got before.
  •        NPC therefore also sell the same items at the same equivalence price, onb this side, no worries. Everything has been seen so as not to disappoint you.

Are you fed up with having to work hard in long, bloody battles for a bite of bread in the end ?

Remember, your precious yellow and orange stars that you like so much (No, no ,no they'll not come back, but we have better for you !)

After long tests from our developers, we're going in your direction.

Yes, the exp/zone bonuses can now evole higher : from now on, the zones will benefit from a bonus going from 0% to 200% exp instead of the classic +100% you know.


We would not allow us to announce you this, to make this kind of update if it was negative for you.

Our goal is to provide you the best experience possible, we do our best to listen to you and satisfy you.

That's why we've heard you will come back to you if you have new proposals to make the gaming experience the less boring possible and by bringing new mechanics of play, bothin PvM and PvP.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions or if something was wrong on your way on Arkalys.

A huge thank you for your trust for years on our server, for your dedication and your loyalty.

Good game on Arkalys.

Staff of Arkalys


Commentaires (10)
omar 23 May 2019 à 02h12
200% ca j'aime bien !!
maka 23 May 2019 à 03h41
norick 23 May 2019 à 06h33
Du coup la PP influe sur le drop de kamas ? :3
Sya 23 May 2019 à 08h07
@omar C'est le but ^^. @maka :D @norick Non, tout comme les orbes n'était pas sous l'influence de la PP.
Sébastien 23 May 2019 à 09h41
Ah ouais? La PP influençais pas les orbes, je suis pas si sûr... Mais sinon c'est super, bravo pour vos efforts et bonne continuation!
Sya 23 May 2019 à 09h42
@Sébastien De tête, non (je peux me tromper). Bon jeu à vous :).
Scharf 23 May 2019 à 09h59
Pour info, le système à la fin du combat, effectue le même calcul qu'avant, mais au lieu de vous donner des orbes, fait x1000 et le donne en kamas. Ça ne change donc absolument rien.
yuri 23 May 2019 à 11h10
C'est agréable de voir une équipe à l'écoute des joueurs :)
Sya 23 May 2019 à 11h33
@yuri C'est tout le but recherché ! :D
Valentin 23 May 2019 à 13h54
La PP influe sur le % de la quantité obtenu dans un groupe par rapport aux autres joueurs, mais le nombre total d'orbe dropable dans un combat est " prédéfinit " exemple le donjon mallefisk