Hello community !

With the objective to improve the communication within the staff/community, we have the pleasure to present you the new format of Arkalys new's !

For this first edition of “What new on Arkalys”, we'll resume you the last new things of the server but also the news in comming.

Happy reading to all !

What's new in Arkalys? Edition of 12/05/2019

Lately, the whole staff of Arkalys mobilized in order to maximize in comming debugs but also the next balancing on the server.




  • Sram

Now, the double/plotter will have the same MP as the Sram at the start of the fight.

It's now impossible to cast multiple trap on the same cell, neither on the center of a glyph. (ex : cawot).

Correction of the spell “Toxic Injection” : the cooldowns will now be correcly calculate (in general, each spell that have the effec to affect the delay of the recast of a spell).

Now, teleport yourslef in a repulsive trap will not block your movement in fight anymore.

The trap networks is fully functionnal and they will detonate in the right order.

  • Ouginak

Now, the spell “Snif” cannot be cast when the target will not be in “Prey State”.

  • Feca

Correction of the spell “Aegis”, when the Feca will be out of the glyph-will, the damage will not be redirect on the Aegis.

  • Iop

Correction of the spell “Fracture” (and all similar spells of others classes and monsters) the caster will not take damage anymore.

In general

For your greatest pleasure, achivement came back in game and the speed of confirmation have been improve. We will probably have some little points to refine but they are now more fluids and functionnals.

Correction for the loot of the taxcollectors. Now the EXP will go to the guild.

Correction of the Ebony Dofus.

Correction of multiples spells that have a trigger : For exemple “Fight Back” of the Iop.

Correction of the client crash when recolting wood/wheat, etc...

Correction of the bug that was auto-reconnecting the last character created on the character list.


  • The potion of alignment “Mercenary” will be added in the shop on the site for 700 ogrins very soon.
  • Huppermage : Correction of the Manifestations.
  • Sadida : Correction of the AI in combat.


We have made a general upgrade in the performence of the artificial intelligence (AI).

A complete rework of the gameplay is also a debate within the staff. Of course, you will be interogate as often as possible.

Currently, our developers are woking on debugging the system of quests in game, which will be reviewed in our sauce (no approximative date to tell you for now but it will come soon).


Many of you has responded tot he latest survey concerning a possible overhaul of the omega bonuses and this, positivly.



We'll therefore follow the reasoning of the community and rework then for a better balancing.

To do this, a “contest” will be post shortly on our forum.

You'll be asked to give your opinion on the possible effects of the Omega Relic associate to each stage of levels.



After some days of reflexion between the staff, we are now showing you one of our ideas on which you'll be invite to give your opinion soon.

  • Deleting the orbs in profit of Kamas ?

In order to limit the excessive diversification of the currencies in-game, we would like to remove orbs from it.

Obviously, players that already have an X amount of orbs in-game will get the equivalent amount of Kamas (as a refresh, 1 orb = 1000 Kamas)

We are clearly looking to promote trading as well as revive sales hotels.

At the end of a fight, instead of gaining 100 orbs, you'll get 100 000 kamas (100k x 1000k)

To access the survey on the rebuild of the currencies system, click here.


End of the survey : 20/05/2019 at 00:00 (french hour).



Recently, we had the pleasure of announcing the up of [Narkotix] and [Domes] as “Helper Manager” and [Saura] and [Narkotix] as “Bug Trackers Manager”.

Today, it's my turn [Sya] and I have the pleasure to announce my own up to the position of “Community Manager” (yup, this beautiful news come from my keyboard just like this “What's new on Arkalys ?”)


It's very simple, after some studies and tough a lot of feedbacks from you, we realized that something was not developed enough on Arkalys : communication.

So here is a way that we seek to work the best we can, that where is comming this new rank.

To continue (and that, you already know), I am the main user of the Twitch chain of the server, that will continue to be on as often as possible to maintain a strong link betwwen you and us. Find it by clicking here.

Not to mention something important, we will organize, as often as possible, surveys on various improvements on the gameplay of the server, or on another platform that we have.

We will heavily rely on your activity on the site, forum and Discord so we can work together and see our server become better than it alrady is !

If you guys have a question, a remark or a suggestion for the improvement comming into your mind after reading this post, do not hesitate to let us know in the comment section below.


With that, thanks for reading and wish you a good game on ARKALYS,




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guillaume 12 May 2019 à 23h17
Vraiment super :D
Denis 12 May 2019 à 23h24
Courage les gars pour dev les nouveaux contenus et les débugs :)
karim 12 May 2019 à 23h38
J dis pas mieux <3
Bastien 12 May 2019 à 23h43
Vivement les songes et tous ce qui suit Good Luck !!
Sya 13 May 2019 à 00h26
Merci pour vos premiers retours, c'est vachement encourageant :) !
adil 13 May 2019 à 03h34
Bon courage!
Daihoa 13 May 2019 à 09h24
Bon courage les amis !
Jean-Charles 13 May 2019 à 14h27
Moi je suis super satisfait de votre travail, je suis d'accord avec la valorisation des kamas et la suppression des orbes ! Continuer comme sa
Eosfel 13 May 2019 à 14h51
Top :)
Sya 13 May 2019 à 17h11
Merci pour votre participation au sondage, c'est important pour nous vos retours !