Hello, Hola, Bonjour, good evening,

You guys was dying of desire? You want more? It is therefore with pleasure that we'll give you more!

Good reading to all.

On the last past week, the staff has met more than once until today.

We've work pretty hard to offer you what's best, on the best way.

What's new on ARKALYS ? Edition of 19/05/2019

On the last past week, the staff has met more than once until today.

We've work pretty hard to offer you what's best, on the best way.


On programs, soon on Arkalys :

  •        Shadow's Pyramid (Official Strategy)
  •        Dramak's Theater (Official Strategy)
  •        Klime's Private Suit (Official Strategy)
  •        Nileza's Laoratory (Official Strategy)
  •        Missiz Freez's Frostforge (Official Strategy)
  •        Sylargh's Carrier (Official Strategy)

And find tomorrow :

  • Moowolf Lair (for the beginners of Arkalys and the less stronger)
  • Grozilla and Grasmera (the one and unique)
  • Wurmlord's Passage (for beach and sand lovers)
  • Count Razof's Camp (You're looking to fight? There'es nothing better. Don't forget your bulletproof vest)
  • Solar's Tower (If you're not scared of getting burned) <== You'll need to buy the spell “Necronyx' (available to the “Parchment and various objects” merchant) so you can kill Solar without casting the spell, you'll be killed).
  • Count Harebourg (You feel having the soul of a fine strategist? He's wainting for you impatiently). You'll become true mathematicians as you dream so much! *


You tought you saw everything? Know that Count Jacquemart Tocante of Harebourg will turn your head with hid tactics full of “ticking”.

A specific mechanic with your fight against the count awaits you : Schedules Confusions. This is a deviation of your attacks with a trigonometric system using angles expresed in degrees or with π (Pi). So you will not be able to attack a monster directly by targetinf it. You will need to consider the time confusion you are in.


Rebuild of orbs

You've vote it and, with the big majority !

What does that mean ?

It simply mean the destruction, the evaporation of your dear blue balls in game to make the way to our dear ancestror : the Kamas.

But why ?

We simply want to include on Arkalys only one currency. The interest of this is to completely review the economic system in game, from the auction houses that will be updated. Yes, they still exist and are fully operational.

Let's give them a new breath !

The street vendors (you may be one, who knows?) walking from map to map in order to be able to sell items when they're disconnect will be upgrade. You are better traders than you tought before.

In addition, you'll have the opportunity to trade the amount of your choice items against kamas because we have completely reworked the limits of kamas exchangeable (player/player, auction houses/player, merchant modes/players) and possesion of kamas in your inventories.

As mentioned in the last edition of 12/05/2019, player with X amount of orbs in game will seem this numbers replaced by the equal amount of kamas in their inventory on in the bank.

For reminder : 1orbe = 1000 kamas.

To you trade and negociation !


You've also voted for this and here's our proposal (which you'll like, I'm sure).

Flexible bonuses

Imagine at the Omega 100, you want to have new bonuses without having to up Omage 500. until then, you follow me.

So imagine nw with the possibility of having the famous +1AP bonus on your relic?

It will be possible.

To do this, we would assume that at each omega level that you up, you'll earn “5 Omega Points (OP)” in your quest items (non-exchangeable), and those will be accumulated until the utilimate omega, the Omega 500.

Here you are, Omega 100, so you'll have accumulated 500 OP in your quest items.

All you have to do is to go to the smithmagic workshop which will be provided for this purpose, to place your Omega Relic and the number of OP you want to use for your “exo”.

Also start from the purpose (which is not fixed at all, we'll pass all this on test very shortly) that having the +1AP bonus to your relic cost you 500 OP and so you'll place your 500 points in the workshop and merge these (The recipes of the workshop will be updated following our tests and you'll know the number of OP to use those “exotism” of the relic).

Caution : the lower bonus interest you more? You're tempted to spend your first omega points in other specs? This is not a problem, but be careful because everything has a cost! You'll have to set aside to achieve better Omega bonuses.

Know that the omega bonuses available after this rework is not already set neither their cost in omega points (OP).

We hope that this system will please you. An explication will be formuled in any case when we'll fix all that.


They'll come to you and be serve on a plate !

The infinite dreams will be implanted in game in a short time, beside we still have some works to do on it.

We still don't want to leave you on your hunger so... there is some screenshots all freshly took.


It's been a while now (unfortunatly) that some bugs in game happen, and to much frequently.

Turn that was not passing, sudden disconnetions or some freez, we know, and we are as fed up as you guys.

Here's why two new processors, very powerful processors have been ordered to the delight of our players (like what, players' money is immediately re-invested in the performance of the server, to allow us to offer you what there is better in gaming experience).

A lottery

A new daily lottery system will come in game with a wide variety of prizes (random, of course).

An NPC will be implanted in game and in exchange of a bit of ogrins he will credit you directly an item in game.

We are woking on its operation, its prize and its use.

Once again, I'll not have anything more to communicate to you but you'll admit that it's already not bad, eh?

(Congratulate our dear Lancivel for this nice new NPC)

Other things ?

  •        Add droppable dungeon keys to their respective zones
  •        Add of the “Keys” category in the auction houses
  •        Pwak Island is no more accessible.


The core of the game has been reviewed to our sauce that will allow us in the background for example to include images of events, custom updates and more. You've already seen for some time but our little blue tofu follows you everywhere!


I hope you enjoyed reading this new edition of “What's new on Arkalys ?” only when the weekend finally arrives.

Good game to all on our server, for the pleasure of pleasing you !


Commentaires (10)
valentin 20 May 2019 à 00h15
Super boulot! C'est pour bientôt les omégas et les donjons? :D
maxime 20 May 2019 à 00h23
Bon boulot :)
Sya 20 May 2019 à 00h41
Merci beaucoup pour ces premiers retours :) @valentin lors des prochaines MàJs !
Mouad 20 May 2019 à 01h19
Hello,La maj s'est déja effectuée? :D
Swan 20 May 2019 à 07h33
Bien travailler ! Mais dommage j'aurais aimé que les orbes restes. Mais sinon j'ai bien aimé le système d'oméga ! ^^
Sya 20 May 2019 à 08h59
@Yessaw Elle arrivera sans doute dans la semaine pour les choses annoncées ; @Swan Merci beaucoup, tu verras que cela va bien plus t'arranger qu'autre chose :)
Jerome 20 May 2019 à 09h14
Que du positif pour ma part ! ;)
Ocin 20 May 2019 à 10h22
Plein de bonnes nouvelles tout ça ! :) J'espère juste que la quantité de kama que l'on gagnera par combat sera similaire à ce que l'on gagne en orbe. Par exemple auparavant sur un combat de 8 monstres 200 où l'on gagnait aux alentours de 1600 orbres, on devrait gagner 1 600 000 kamas. Si la rate baisse alors tout ceux qui possédait une grande quantité d'orbe seront très avantagés et inversement. Par ailleurs au vu du nombre de gens qui ont des problèmes de mise à jour avec le launcher ce serait judicieux de corriger le problème ou si le temps manque de faire un simple tuto pour débloquer les personnes. On pourrait à chaque fois les rediriger vers ce tutoriel. Quand on voit le nombre de post doublon sur le forum créer pour cette unique sujet ... Sur ce bon travail ! :D
Sya 20 May 2019 à 12h35
@Jerome Ce fut le but escompté ! :) @Ocin Bien évidemment, je ne l'ai pas stipulé mais ce sera le cas, la rate de drop de Kamas sera revue intégralement. Message bien reçu pour le reste :).
esteban 20 May 2019 à 15h26
Très satisfait