Discover all the compensations implemented by our team in order to make up for the issues of the last few days.

5 Crazy days (Amends)


In the last few days, as you may have noticed, the server has encountered some latency issues. We have been working hard to minimize latencies on artificial intelligence, now the server suffers less lags.You should know that we will continue to work on the improvement of performances, in order to offer you an irreproachable quality of play.


All the following compensations are available until 05/05


The tokens received during a vote are doubled (2 tokens per vote),

The experience gained on the server is now x10,

The regeneration of your character is multiplied by 10,

The ogrines you benefit from when you buy are doubled.


For example, when you buy an audiotel code for €1.50, instead of 70 Ogrines, you will ultimately get 140 Ogrines!


Know that we offer you a brand new service available on our website, the Bundles. Depending on the Bundle available, you will find different equipment, cosmetics itmes. At advantageous prices. For the moment there are two availables, but others will be added very soon, including exclusive bundles.

To check the available bundles, click here.


We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and you should know that we will work hard to ensure that you are as satisfied as possible. We are particularly working hard on debugging class spells to make your gaming experience as enjoyable as it can be.


For the last, don't hesitate to join us on our social networks to be up to date on everything that's happening on Arkalys in real time: Facebook and Discord !

The Arkalys team.

Commentaires (6)
valentin 1 May 2019 à 15h26
Leandro 1 May 2019 à 15h34
Toooop ????????
Benoit 1 May 2019 à 15h47
cool :)
Hugo 1 May 2019 à 17h22
Double achat jusqu'a quand ?
Sya 1 May 2019 à 20h03
@Hugo 5 JOURS DE FOLIE (COMPENSATIONS) Information - 1 May 2019
joel 18 May 2019 à 10h27
je l'ai eu que pendant 1 jour même pas ^^