We meet again today in this Easter period to offer you an exclusive 2.51 update on Arkalys !

Arkalys 2.51 is now live !

2.51 update

  • The client and server update from 2.48 to 2.51.
  • All modifications and balancing on items and class spell have been applied. You can refer to the official 2.51 changelog here.
  • Legendary items are now available ! You can check them out here.
  • Stars system revamp. Now, "stars" are applied for a territory instead of a single group. They depend on the player activity on any given territory. Territories can benefit from XP/DROP bonuses from 0% to +100%. It is now possible to benefit from bonuses longer than just one fight. (We will adjust if necessary)

Easter Event !

The Fleaster island is now available with the 2.51 update, and will be opened until 05/07. For the occasion, our Game Designer Lancivel created 2 exclusive ornaments ! These 2 ornaments will be available on all the island's monsters at a 1% drop rate alongside 2 new titles. Know that events will be organized by our Game Masters and Moderators to giveaway gifts ! (Use the "Amakna village" Zaap then go to [1,-4] to access the island)

Here's a preview of the Master Chocolatier 2019 :


  • Six Dofus ornament added to the shop.
  • Cosmetics items added to the shop.
  • Cosmetics items added to Easy d'Or NPC.
  • Fleaster cosmetics and ornament added to the Promotion NPC.
  • Harness added to the Easy d'Or NPC.
  • Ebony Dofus added to the Dofus and Trophies merchant.
  • Emote scroll added to the shop.
  • Legendary items added to the Legendary item merchant.



  • Fixed the spell Crossing, bombs will now be moved correctly.
  • Fixed the spell Strategy, bombs will now be teleported correctly.


We've applied a general fix to better determine targets/trigger and order effect, which should lead to more fixes on player's and monster's spells.

Orbs drop system

We've modified the orbs drop system. Now, the amount of orbs dropped will be calculated according to the level of the monster you kill. For example, if a lvl 200 player kills a lvl 20 monster, a malus will be applied to his drop.

Achievements and latencies

The last few weeks we've been working on revamping how we manage action in game (map transition, fights, casting spells, AI, etc...).

We're getting encouraging results, which is why we decided to reimplement achievements !

However we stay extremely vigilant on the possible latencies/bug that these big changes might introduce.

When all this is over, there will be a compensation : XP/VOTES/PURCHASES x2 during a given amount of time.

End words

We hope these news are exciting and you'll like it. Know that the current lantencie are our n°1 priority, we know how it can ruin a player experience. Have fun on Arkalys !

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Commentaires (10)
yvan 23 April 2019 à 22h30
First !
omar 23 April 2019 à 22h56
Niiice !!
Nzo 23 April 2019 à 23h01
C'est grave cool, vous êtes balaise, mais du coup le serveur est down ?
titou 23 April 2019 à 23h02
ça va énormement impacter l'xp sur le serveur et le drop , déja que le drop d'orb était assez compliqué , maintenant il sera pire ^^'
Estéban 23 April 2019 à 23h06
Super nouvelle ! Vous savez quand le serveur sera-t-il accessible ?
ismoril 23 April 2019 à 23h13
pas de songe ?
Jean-Marie 23 April 2019 à 23h25
Très bonne news si ce n'est pour les orbes... :)
amine 23 April 2019 à 23h59
j'aime bien c'est très cool le passage en 2.51 mais je trouve que les orbes étais déjà assez dur a droper
Estéban 24 April 2019 à 00h00
J'ai un message d'erreur : " La version de dofus 2.51 installée est invalide pour ce serveur. Pour acceder au jeu la version 2.48 est necessaire " Que faire :O
Kenzo 24 April 2019 à 00h10
Le serveur sera bientôt en ligne, encore un peu de patience. :)