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Quoi de neuf sur ARKALYS ? Édition du 19/06/2019

Heeeello tout le monde ! 

Pour ce nouvel opus de "Quoi de neuf sur ARKALYS" on vous a préparé du lourd, alors accrochez-vous, bouclez vos ceintures et bonne lecture à tous !

Quoi de neuf sur ARKALYS ? Édition du 09/06/2019

Hello à vous tous ! 

Soyez les bienvenus dans ce nouvel opus de "Quoi de Neuf sur ARKALYS". Et vous n'allez pas être déçu (j'en suis sûr).

Bonne lecture !


Hi all! As promise There is now the new edition of "What's new on Arkalys". Wishing you a good reading, hope you'll like it.

What's new on ARKALYS ? Edition of 19/05/2019

Hello, Hola, Bonjour, good evening,

You guys was dying of desire? You want more? It is therefore with pleasure that we'll give you more!

Good reading to all.

On the last past week, the staff has met more than once until today.

We've work pretty hard to offer you what's best, on the best way.

What's new in Arkalys? Edition of 12/05/2019

Hello community !

With the objective to improve the communication within the staff/community, we have the pleasure to present you the new format of Arkalys new's !

For this first edition of “What new on Arkalys”, we'll resume you the last new things of the server but also the news in comming.

Happy reading to all !